Services: Document Translation

Document Translation

We translate written text from English into a target foreign language or from a source foreign language into English. Our translations are optimized by pairing transparency with fidelity. Transparency means that text is translated word for word. Fidelity is the ability to be true to the intended meaning of the writer of the source text. Both are integral to good translation. This is where the subjectivity of human translation comes into play. Our linguists are native speakers; they are highly aware of cultural subtext, idiomatic expression, and colloquialism. Each of our linguists specializes in different spheres of industry with backgrounds in business, engineering and manufacturing, patents and legal documents. This expertise is especially important when source materials must reach a level of compliance in the target language, i.e. medical consent forms or materials to educate patients, manufacturing schematics or manuals, and legal patents. An optimized translation takes all of these factors into account: the true meaning of the source text, the objectives of the source text, and the intended audience of the target text.
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